Why you should Apply ?

In order to facilitate the creation of a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, grant bodies and mentor support.We aim to identify a pool of impact innovators that have developed or are developing the commercially feasible solution to socio-economic problems. Entrepreneur Sprint is an accelerator program for fledgling startups who are looking for capital, mentoring and structural resources to scale up. We will help you in further development of MVP, designing marketing strategies, prospective scale-up plans and getting funding supports with the help of best mentors from the industry.


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups interested in applying for incubation at AIC-MUJ would be taken into consideration under following criteria:

1. Incubatee should be a registered company

2. The investee company must be an India-registered enterprise. Persons holding Overseas Citizens of India (OCI), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) status would be considered as Indian citizens for this scheme. This support is not open for Indian Subsidiaries of MNCs or the foreign companies. The shareholding of Indian Promoter and Host Institutions in the incubate start up should be at least 51%.

3. AIC would make special efforts to discover and support enterprises that deploy technologies or business models to help improve India’s infrastructure, public service delivery, or socio-economic conditions.

Incubate start-ups requiring seed support predominantly for capital equipment would not be encouraged.


Entrepreneur or Start-up can submit an application through the online portal. The selection procedure will be performed in 3 stages as described:

1. Submission of Application Form

· Application

· Executive summary Plan

· Online or submit via mail

2. Evaluate the viability of the applicant

· Need to submit business plan (12 months)

· Business Plan must Include

Ø Name

Ø Value Proposition

Ø Product/Service

Ø Market Analysis

Ø Capital Structure

Ø Financial Projections

Ø Competitive Analysis

Ø Requirements

Ø Timelines

Ø Development and marketing plan

Ø Organisation Structure

Ø Team

Ø Risk Analysis

3. Presentation to AIC MUJ

· Invited to make a presentation in front of the Committee